Dr. Reena Goyal is expert in all phases of Implant Surgery including guided bone regeneration, subantral augmentation and dental implant surgery. After completing her doctors in dental surgery she completed Implant maxicource 300 hrs and certified in Hiossen surgical implant course. She has completed numerous complex implant cases with perfection.

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Losing a tooth due to injury, dental decay, or gum disease can happen. However, in order to avoid causing problems for the adjacent teeth and your overall dental health, it is important to replace the tooth that has been lost. This can be done a number of ways including fixed bridges, removable partial or full dentures as well as a more recent procedure known as dental implants.

One of the most significant dental innovations in recent times, an implant is a small surgical fixture made of biocompatible metal or ceramic materials that is placed into the jawbone and functions in the same manner as the root of a tooth. In the same way that natural root supports the natural crown of your tooth, an implant once it fully integrates with the surrounding bone, provides a stable and durable foundation for a replacement tooth. Implants often support a crown for an individual tooth, but can also be used as abutment teeth for a dental bridge, or strategically placed to help stabilize a denture.

Out of all of the restorative choices available today an implant comes the closest to replicating the look, feel and function of a natural tooth. Furthermore, it is the only method of tooth replacement that does not require the involvement or preparation of the adjacent teeth. A dental implant also stimulates bone remodeling to prevent shrinkage in areas where teeth are missing and helps to restore facial contours in areas where significant bone loss has occurred.

Topic: Dental Implant- The Best Tooth Replacment Option - Myths about Dental Implants

Prepared by: Dr. Reena Goyal

Myths about Dental Implants

Are you planning to get a dental implant? Is your mind filled with questions and myths about dental implants? What is exactly a dental implant and why is there hype of this treatment?

Dental implants are artificial roots mostly made up of titanium. These artificial roots are used for the replacement of missing teeth. The dental implants are biocompatible, i.e., not harmful for the body, and they provide immediate close contact with the surrounding bone mimicking the action of the natural root.

Let’s break a few myths about dental implants to give you a decisive push to get your treatment.

Myth # 1- Getting a Dental Implant Is Painful

The straight forward answer is, “not at all”. Placing a dental implant in your jaw is quite a simple minor oral surgical procedure. You are given local anesthesia before the procedure. Therefore, the area is numb and you won’t feel anything. There can be mild pain after the procedure which is easily controlled by pain killers. A good conversation between you and your dentist can eliminate your anxiety.

Myth # 2- Dental Implants Are Expensive

This myth exists because of a misunderstanding. Dental implants replace your missing teeth. Another alternative method commonly advised is a dental bridge. A dental bridge requires a lot of preparation and destruction of your healthy teeth. When you count the money in the long run, post-operative complaints, multiple visits, and dental bridge problems, you come to know that dental bridge is actually costly than the dental implant.

Yes, a dental implant may cost you a little more at once, but it will save you a lot for the future.

Myth #3- It’s Hard to chew with a Dental Implant

Dental implants are the most near to natural tooth replacement options. These exert almost the same force on food as the natural tooth. The feeling of chewing with a dental implant is so natural that you forget about the fact that you are using your dental implants.

The Bottom Line

Dental implants are the most contemporary treatment option available for tooth replacement. You can have a single tooth to full mouth rehabilitation procedures with dental implants.

Having dental implants can be the most cost-saving decision in the long run for you. But being doubtful with so much fake information available on the internet is an understandable fact. Therefore, it is important that you sit with your dentist, discuss it in detail about your tooth replacement options, and hopefully make the right decision.